Adolfo & Tania

Adolfo Indacochea, a world-renowned dancer with over 23 years of international experience, is celebrated for his explosive and unique mambo style. Born in Lima, Peru, he mastered salsa in Mexico before conquering the New York Mambo scene. Adolfo’s journey includes performing at prestigious venues like Lincoln Center, sharing the stage with music icons, and partnering with acclaimed dancers. Tania Cannarsa, born in Sri Lanka and raised in Italy, brings a distinctive mambo style with a background in classical dance. As a principal dancer in Adolfo Indacochea’s Latin Soul Dancers, she has crafted mesmerizing mambo pieces. Their passion for mambo extends to teaching, with Adolfo’s expertise covering timing, styling, shines, and more. Together with Tania, they’ve traveled the world, captivating audiences and imparting the joy and tradition of mambo. Join them on a journey of rhythm, style, and pure dance magic! #AdolfoIndacochea #TaniaCannarsa #MamboLegends #DanceMagic #LatinSoulDancers