Adriano and Samantha

Adriano & Samantha - Novaera

Adriano & Samantha, 3 times worldwide salsa champions. Based in Montreal, Canada, they are professional dancers. When they were fourteen years old, in 2009, they started working together by instructing local students and performing for a variety of stage performances, concerts, festivals, and salsa congresses.They began competing worldwide in 2015 and opened their own dance studio, Novaera Productions, in Montreal. Adriano won his first world championship in the same gender division that year, and he has gone on to win the men’s solo division three times in a row. Adriano and Samantha, who took first place at the 2017 World Salsa Summit, are the first Canadian pair to win a world title in the Professional Salsa On2 division. In 2018 and 2019, they successfully defended their title, winning the Summit for a third straight year.They competed in the second season of “Révolution,” the greatest dance competition to air on Quebecian television, as Salsa competitors.