Golden Flame

Jose Andres Sandoval Duran Resident Teacher at Vibe Salsa, Founder of JoseSanDance, UOSalsa and Ambassador of Ottawa Salsa/Bachata Scene Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Jose Andres Sandoval Duran was immersed in Latin Salsa culture from a young age, a foundation that shaped his path to becoming a distinguished salsa artist and educator. Jose’s career spans performances and teaching engagements across North America and Asia, notably in cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Miami, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Renowned for his innovative teaching style that seamlessly integrates passion, technique, and a personalized approach. In 2010, he established JoseSanDance, initially Salsa-Force, a dance school dedicated to spreading the joy of salsa and bachata. Through top-tier instruction and active community participation, JoseSanDance stands as a beacon for those eager to explore the vibrant world of Latin dance. Jose’s contributions to salsa extend beyond teaching and performance. He has build dance communities in Ottawa by being one of the creators of Salsa at City Hall, Latin @ Lansdowne, and the founder of UOSalsa (University of Ottawa Salsa Team)