3 Party Rooms to Choose From

Attendees can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the event in one of the three party rooms, each offering a unique dance experience.

Salsa Room – GRAND SALON OPERA A & B & C

The Salsa Room, located in GRAND SALON OPERA A & B & C, provides enthusiasts with the perfect setting to move to the rhythm of salsa music.

Bachata Room – SOPRANO A & B

For those who prefer the sultry beats of bachata, the Bachata Room in SOPRANO A & B offers an inviting space to dance the night away.

Hustle Room – SOPRANO C

The Hustle Room, situated in SOPRANO C, is where attendees can groove to the energetic tunes of hustle music and showcase their fancy footwork.

Attendees can expect a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere where they’ll have the opportunity to dance with available partners or extend invitations to others who are eager to join in. It fosters a sense of community and encourages social interaction, ensuring everyone can participate and enjoy the festivities regardless of their dancing experience.

Montreal Salsa Convention Room (1)
Montreal Hustle ROOM